User guide for headless application


Das Benutzerhandbuch ist leider momentan nur in Englisch verfügbar. Bitte unter dem jeweiligen Reiter schauen.


Firmware upgrade

Info on firmware updates ...

vna/J 3.3.2 available

Version 3.3.2 of vna/J is released.

The application JAR can be downloaded from here as usual.

Updated Japanese driver guides for the miniVNAtiny and miniVNApro

Toshi, JP1PZE, updated the Japanese translations of the 

They can be downloaded as usual from here.

Thanks Toshi for your work!

vna/J 3.3.1 available

Version 3.3.1 of vna/J is released.

Running vna/J on Linux Mint 19.1 (Ubuntu)

OZ1LMG, Vagn gave me a good and really short list of things to do, to get vna/J up and running on Linux Mint 19.1 (Ubuntu).

vna/J 3.2.10 available

Version 3.2.10 of vna/J is released.

vna/J 3.2.8 available

Version 3.2.8 of vna/J is released.

Japanese guide for headless application available

Toshiyuki (JP1PZE) has again provided translations of vna/ manuals into Japanese.

The updated user guide for the headless application can be found here.

Or simply use the Documents menu to find all manuals.

vna/J and JAVA 9/10

Since version 3.2.6 vna/J works with JAVA 8 and JAVA 10 - so the future should be bright for the years to come ... find the latest version here!

miniVNApro - copies

I recently got a miniVNApro for repair from a major european telco company - unbelievable - they're buying illegal copies.

Here some pictures from an original miniVNApro from mRS and one from an obscure source.

vna/J 3.2.6 available

Version 3.2.6 of vna/J is released.

vna/J 3.2.7 available

Version 3.2.7 of vna/J is released.


Here are some tips to fix Linux serial port issues as well as Bluetooth support ...