Tried the RF DEMO KIT evailable from www.sysjoint.com on eBay.

Tested with miniVNA tiny @ vna/J 3.3.4

The Board

Top layout

Board top

Bottom layout

(c) images http://deepelec.com/rf-demo-kit/

 Reflection measurements

The measurements are done with full range 1MHz to 3GHz of the miniVNA tiny.

Circuit 1 Testset.1 Testset.1

Circuit 2 Testset.2 Testset.2

Circuit 3 Testset.3 Testset.3

Circuit 4 Testset.4 Testset.3

Circuit 7 Testset.4 Testset.7

Circuit 8 Testset.4 Testset.8

Circuit 9 Testset.4 Testset.9

Circuit 10 Testset.4 Testset.10

Circuit 13 Testset.13

Circuit 14 Testset.14

Circuit 15 Testset.15

Transmission measurements

Circuit 5 Testset.5

Circuit 6 Testset.16

Circuit 11 Testset.11

Circuit 12 Testset.12

Circuit 16 Testset.16

Circuit 17 Testset.17

Circuit 18 Testset.18