Here you can download all relevant files for vna/J application.

GUI Application

All files for the current version 3.3.2 can be downloaded from here.

For Windows- OS X and Linux-Users downloading the JAR-file from here is suffcient, if you do not need the additional files.

To get an idea, what changed in this version, have a look at the README here.

If you're installing vna/J for the first time, please read the installation manuals prior to downloading these files.

Older application versions can be found here in the corresponding version directories.

OpenJDK & MS Windows

The latest ORACLE JAVA runtime environments are no longer available for free for commercial use. You can use the nearly equivalent OpenJDK implementation from ORACLE.

Unfortunately the OpenJDK didn't really integrate with the Windows explorer. Formerly you can simply doubleclick on a JA an it was launched. Unfortunately OpenJDK didn't provide such service anymore.

You can either create a simple CMD-file to launch vna/J like these provided in the download directories or create this command file on your Windows Desktop:

rem       Simple JAR launcher.
rem       Place this file on the Windows Desktopp
rem       Adjust JAVA_HOME to your JRE installation
rem       Then drag&drop a JAR file onto this file and the JAR is launched
rem       (C) Dietmar Krause, DL2SBA 2019
remset JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\java-se-9-ri\jdk-9\bin
"%JAVA_EXEC%" -jar "%1"

Headless Application

All files for the current version 3.2.10 can be downloaded from here.

Please check the user manual for the headless application for details!


All files for the library in the current version 3.2.10 can be downloaded from here.

Please check this post for details how to use the library. 

miniVNApro + miniVNAtiny firmware

Please check firmware upgrade regarding the firmware update.

Support for Windows XP

I no longer support vna/J for Windows XP.

Windows XP was introduced 2001 by Microsoft. Finally the support for Windows XP has ended in April 2014 - 13 years - long enough for an operating system in the Internet age!

You can download old JAVA versions in the Oracle archives which may install and run on Windows XP - a JAVA 6 runtime should be fine for vna/J 3.1.x versions.

Tested OS versions

This version of vna/J was tested in the following configurations:

OS OS-Version JAVA version Status Remarks





64bit Windows





64bit Windows




works 64bit Windows
Warning in console displayed.
  10.0.17134.472 11.0.1+13 Works 64bit Windows
Warning in console displayed.
  10.0.17763.503 11.0.1+13 Works 64bit Windows
Warning in console displayed.
  10.0.17763.503 9+181 Works 64bit Windows
Warning in console displayed.
  10.0.17763.503 1.8.0_40-b25 Works 64bit Windows
Warning in console displayed.


High Sierra 10.13.6



Warning in console displayed

"Timeout" or "Check communication port" problems with newer versions of vna/J - check this post. 
If you write me Emails, please ensure, that your Email is not bouncing - this crappy WIN10/ has many bouncing adresses so I cannot respond!


You can contact me by email icon or via Twitter @dl2sba

You can buy the author a beer to support the further development of vna/J.

Please use this PayPal link.

Many thanks in advance for this donation!

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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