vna/J runs nearly on every plattform, that supports the JAVA runtime environment and has drivers for the FTDI USB chips.

vna/J is successfully tested by numerous users on current MS Windows 10 and MAC OS/X El Capitan.

For full list, please see here.

vna/J läuft beinahe auf jeder Plattform, die eine JAVA Laufzeitumgebung und Treiber für die FTDI USB Chips bereitstellt.

vna/J ist erfolgreich von zahlreichen Anwendern auf dem aktuellen Windows 10 und auf Mac OS/X El Capitan gestestet.

Eine komplette Übersicht findet sich hier.

The chapter "Quick-Start-Guide" was updated in the user guide.

Eine Schnellstartanleitung wurde erstellt.

Three users reported strange problems on their Windows machines. They have exception on the Windows command line like "java.long.Error" which leads to the problem, that no longer any serial ports are displayed in the "Analyzer setup" dialog.

The new version 3.1.8 of vna/J is released.

The application JAR can be downloaded from here as usual. The following updates are included in this version:

  • Driver for metroVNA extended
  • Fixed display bug for metroVNA in calibration load/save dialogs
  • Upgraded to jna-4.2.1.jar
  • Upgraded to purejavacomm-0.0.28.jar
  • miniVNA driver optimized for new serial library
  • miniVNA pro driver optimized for new serial library
  • miniVNA Tiny driver renamed to match physical device
  • miniVNA Tiny driver various bug fixes
  • miniVNA Tiny driver optimized for new serial library
  • Cable length measurement should now work for miniVNA again
  • Cable loss dialog extended
  • Number of over samples is now stored inside calibration block
  • Bugs fixed for metroVNA driver

Windows XP is now retired and no longer supported by Microsoft.

But you can still run vna/J on an PC running Windows XP if you follow these instructions:

I do not recommend running PCs on Windows XP as there will be no longer security updates for the operating system.

Also I do not recommend to user older JAVA versions, as Oracle may no longer release security updates for these runtime environments.

If you encounter problems running vna/J, feel free to contact me.

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