Version 3.2.9 of vna/J is released.

Currently some user experience problems running vna/J on MAC OS X with JAVA 9 or JAVA 10.

Please stay tuned, I found the problem annd try to fix it, but this may take time - my development environment has to be migrated ...

Version 3.2.8 of vna/J is released.

Toshiyuki (JP1PZE) has again provided translations of vna/ manuals into Japanese.

The updated user guide for the headless application can be found here.

Or simply use the Documents menu to find all manuals.

Since version 3.2.6 vna/J works with JAVA 8 and JAVA 10 - so the future should be bright for the years to come ... find the latest version here!

I recently got a miniVNApro for repair from a major european telco company - unbelievable - they're buying illegal copies.

Here some pictures from an original miniVNApro from mRS and one from an obscure source.

Version 3.2.7 of vna/J is released.

Version 3.2.6 of vna/J is released.

Here you can download all relevant files for vna/J application.

Here are some tips to fix Linux serial port issues as well as Bluetooth support ...

Version 3.1.22 of vna/J is released.

  • The application JAR can be downloaded from here as usual.
  • Separation of controls of the averaging logic from control for the speedup logic on the UI
  • Averaging logic is now a true moving average over n-samples
  • For miniVNA, miniVNApro and miniVNAtiny added more calculated data for transmission scan. Credits to YO3FFF Christi and G3TXQ for his document

Version 3.1.20 of vna/J is released.

  • The application JAR can be downloaded from here as usual.
  • Analyze moved from Tools menu to File menu to have it always available
  • Some VNAs have longer startup time and will produce peaks at the begin of the scan. To reduce this issue, the generator can be kept on after scan. Thanks to Cristian/YO3BN for the hint

A new version of the headless application is available.

All configuration must now be done via the command line arguments. The average function is now implemented to reduce noise in the scandata. 

Please check the updated user guide for the headleass application here.

You can download the headless app from here.

A library version of vna/J is available here for download.

You can buy the author a beer to support the further development of vna/J.

Please use this PayPal link.

Many thanks in advance for this donation!

You can contact me by email icon or via Twitter @dl2sba

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.