We have more and more winners of a $500 blue plastic brick

Based on the serial numbers for the currently shipped miniVNA tiny analyzers, there are more than 1.000 devices out in the field.

Currently mRS did NOT provide any firmware update for the miniVNAtiny.

But I learned of some users, who could not resist the temptation and tried to install the firmware for the miniVNApro on the miniVNAtiny.

Question: Do you also install the firmware update for your cars engine on your washing machine and expect that the sound will be better?!

With this action, they produced a $500 blue plastic brick, which can only be reanimated by flashing the complete firmware including the bootloader with an ISP programmer.

So please be carefull, read the mRS website and be sure, you get the right firmware update for you analyser. Inside vna/J I cannot determine, whether the firmware matches your analyser or not!