Problems with vna/J on some Windows machines

Three users reported strange problems on their Windows machines. They have exception on the Windows command line like "java.long.Error" which leads to the problem, that no longer any serial ports are displayed in the "Analyzer setup" dialog.


Currently I cannot reproduce this problem on any of my machines. It seems to be a combination of Windows patch-level, FTDI driver version and the installed JAVA JRE version.

If you have problems like the one described above, please try this system configuration:

  • vna/J version 3.1.8pre. This pre-release can be downloaded here.
  • JAVA 8 Update 60. The JRE can be downloaded from here.
  • FTDI driver level The latest driver can be downloaded from here.

If you have problems as described above, please let me know, whether the configuration (vna/J, JAVA, FTDI) fixes your problem or not.

Also provide me details on your environment (Windows version, language, ...)