Here is wish-/feature -list for the upcoming version of vna/J:


Basic functions

  • Settings are saved at program termination and reloaded at start-up (selected scales, scan-range, ...)
  • Cursor-frequency can be entered in the marker frequency field
  • When manually changing the frequency span, the marker frequencies should be retained if possible
  • Markers on the exported images can also print as vertical lines
  • Check on each window displayed, that it is in the visible area a screen (multi-screen problems)

Basic measurements

  • Measuring the transfer impedance
  • S-parameter - Beside the regular db/angle format mag/angle is supported
  • TDR analysis
  • Reflection group-delay requirement (S11, gd)
  • The selected frequency should be retained even when the Smith-Chart window looses focus
  • Identical file format (PNG) for all graphic exports
  • Colors for graphic export should be customizable
  • Table data in the cable loss dialog can be exported into XLS- or simple text format
  • Calculated values in the cable length dialog can be copied to the clipboard
  • Sign of phase calculated for the simple VNAs


  • The SWR circles inside the smith chart are configurable
  • Zoom function in Smith chart

Headless application

  • averaging mode like GUI application
  • daemon like application for faster rescans

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2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.