Here are some tips to fix Linux serial port issues ...

Serial port on Linux cannot be opened

If you’re running vna/J on Linux and you have problems using the selected serial port, try to add your Linux user to the user-groups tty and dialout. This sometimes fixes the problem.

No serial ports displayed on Linux

If you’re running vna/J on Linux and no serial ports are displayed in the Setup-dialog, Pekka (OH2BSC) found a solution for his environment and posted it on the YAHOO Group

When I tried to open the analyzer window and choose the device I didn't get any list of available ports. This was solved by installing the genuine Oracle Java. I used these instructions I didn't delete the icedtea jre or openjdk since the process defines Oracle Java 1.7 as a default java. However I restarted the system, just in case.

Everything seemed to be OK, I was able to use the latest version 3.1.0 and all other versions I tried. Unfortunately when I tried to use vnaJ the next day, after shutting down my laptop for the night, no version beyond 2.8.6f worked anymore. I was able to open the software and choose the analyzer, I could see the port but when I tried to activate the port (clicking the Test button) I saw the error message "Failed to open port". When trying to activate the port, an error message also appeared in my syslog telling, that could not be activated because nss-myhostname was not installed.

nss-myhostname seems to be a more stable solution to maintain host names in ubuntu than the normal /etc/hosts. So I installed the file libnss-hostname from ubuntu repository and now it seems the problem is solved. More info about nss-myhostname can be found here

 I have tried to verify this solution by installing several versions of vnaJ on two computers, one desktop running 32bit Intel and a laptop running 64bit AMD, both running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Both seem to be working now without any hiccups.

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