Since version 2.9 of vna/J a command-line version of the vna/J GUI is available (I call this version also headless).

This command-line version can be used to execute automated scans, when no GUI is needed or graph-ical screen output is available.

You can use the command-line version to execute a scan and export the data into

  • CSV - all scan information inside a comma-separated text-file
  • XLS - all scan information inside an XLS-file
  • SnP - S-parameter format
  • ZPLOTS - special file format for ZPlots

The basic configuration (analyser type, communication port, filename formats ...) must be configured via the regular vna/J GUI.

Then the command-line version must be called with these parameters:

  • start frequency
  • stop frequency
  • number of scan steps
  • scan mode
  • output file formats

So you can execute a scan from your command line:

java -Dfstart=1000000 -Dfstop=30000000 -Dfsteps=500 -Dscanmode=REFL -Dexports=xls -jar vnaJ-hl.3.1.3.jar


Here you execute a scan from 1MHz to 30MHz with 500 steps in reflection mode using the calibration file named "" and export the results into a MS Excel spreadsheet.



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