vna/J 3.2.6 available

Version 3.2.6 of vna/J is released.

  • The application JAR can be downloaded from here as usual.
  • All data is now stored in $home/vnaJ.3.2 directory. You can copy the calibration files from the old vnaJ.3.1 directory as format hasn't changed
  • Support for new miniVNApro2 added
  • Device detection optimized for miniVNA, miniVNApro2, miniVNApro and miniVNAtiny. To speed up driver checking, the delay for a wireless connection is now optional in driver selection dialog.
  • Cleaned up the device configuration code
  • Added user configurable Gaussian filter. To calculate factors check The file Gaussian.txt can be found in the configuration directory and must contain an odd number of lines with filter coefficients else a default file is created as a starting point. Also a tool added to create Gaussian filter file inside application.
  • Frequency calibration now also stored on application exit
  • Cable data for Hyperflex5, Hyperflex10 and Highflexx10 added
  • File selection for firmware files updated
  • Delay after commands send to VNA set to 0ms for miniVNAtiny. Reduced for all other VNAs to 50ms.
  • Should now work with JAVA 9 and JAVA 10